Internet Income

How many people would love to work at home? I know it was always a dream of mine until it actually happened. I realize that most people whom would love to work at home either don’t have the time or the knowledge to make it happen.

Contrary to popular belief making money on the internet isn’t easy. In fact most people give up trying when they try some of the get rich books and websites that they read on the internet. The reality is that you will probably make less money online than at a conventional job in the same amount of hours however there are many non-financial benefits.

These benefits include: freedom of schedule, no deadlines, little stress, no rush hour commute, no car expenses if you ditch your car, creating increasing passive income, no boss, no co-workers, etc. These are just a few of the many benefits of working from home.

If your looking to become a multi-millionaire from an online business I am not saying it’s impossible with a lot of work but it is highly unlikely. What you can develop from this business is a nice passive income that can cover your lowered budget expenses. This business is nice since much of your income will come passively when your not working.

Not to many businesses create passive income long after the work is done and that is a nice side effect of the internet. In addition, you actually own your internet content when you create your own websites and ebooks so you could always sell some to get a additional boost to your savings.

Probably the biggest benefit is that you can operate this business from anywhere there is a computer with internet service. This is a huge plus since it allows you to move anywhere without the hassle of a traditional business. If your looking to cut down your monthly expenses you can simple move to a lower cost of living area.

The internet has lots of different businesses you can do such as becoming a seller or affiliate on Ebay or Amazon. Create your own website or ebooks, sell items via drop shipping through your website, create a survey site, a ppc site, a directory, a membership site, take online surveys, write articles for sale, etc.

The sky is truly the limit with the internet, the harder you work and learn new online skills the more successful you will be at making money. As in the real world, hard work and persistence is key to success.

Taking Online Surveys For Income

There are always way more complaints from people who have tried taking online surveys than those that say it worked out for them.  The reason for this is because MOST survey sites are a rip-off and I know this from experience.

There are 100′s of survey sites online but most only pay with sweepstake entries or points towards “overpriced prizes”.  Very few of these sites offer cash whether that is by check, paypal, or prepaid credit card.  I quickly found out this sad fact over the course of 2.5 years of attempting to make money from survey sites.

The good news is that you CAN make money using 10 survey sites that actually paid in cash and allowed me to make almost $1,000/month.  Sometimes I make more than $1,000 a month and other months less but it does work using specific sites.  You can see more information on this ebook here.

Unfortunately most people don’t have the time to try my little experiment of testing all the survey sites and that is why I wrote the ebook.  Like many things in life, a little persistence and motivation to make money can take you to your end goal.

Open 24/7

Not too many businesses are open all day everyday and have almost no overhead in the process except for internet businesses.  When you take into account that this business can go anywhere around the world the internet becomes a powerful business tool.

Now add to these awesome benefits the fact that most of the income you earn online will be passive and there is no other business out there that can compete will all these important features.

Think about this, when you are working at a conventional job you get paid only for the time you put in.  If you get sick or don’t go to work you won’t get paid(barring a sick day being used) however when you have a online business the income will still come in.  Whether you work or go on vacation for two months your going to be generating income.

That is truly freedom, now try doing that at your conventional job and I suspect you wouldn’t have a job or an income.  Truly the internet has created the first perfect business for most people.

Writing Articles For Passive Income

Since creating websites and ebooks tend to take more knowledge and time that many part-time internet entreprenuers may not have many of them tend to write articles for online writing sites for passive income.

This is a logical step and one that I did when starting out as well.  The benefit of writing for these sites is that you will generate some income while more importantly building up your writing skills and confidence to get to a point will you can write for your own websites.

Most of the writing sites require that you submit your articles to their editors for approval or corrections.  Don’t be turn off or intimated by this editorial process since you will learn a lot about just what they are looking for and what types of articles generate the most interest.

From this information you can test out different topics and concentrate on creating websites based on the amount of page views your articles received.  This is information that most internet gurus don’t like to give away since it is literally worth money in the bank.

The income you get from your articles will be up from payments of a few dollars per few hundred word article to more for specialized articles and topics.  The more articles you write the better your writing skills and income should get.

Most writing sites pay writers via the number of page views it receives every month.  This is a great way to start generating some passive income and it will motivate you to get started with your other online projects.

Posting Videos For Passive Income

A newer method for people to make online income is to post videos that they make themselves.  This could be a video as simple as your cat making funny noises for a few seconds to a 15 minute funny comic skit.

You can literally shoot any video and post it as long as it’s not illegal or offensive.  Taping Interviews with various people about different topics tends to generate lots of traffic to your videos but use your imagination and you should do fine.

Having a digital video camcorder is essential since you won’t want to be lugging around an older heavy camcorder.  The newer versions are the size of a credit card and can be stored in any shirt pocket and they are very inexpensive.

You can buy used versions of the flip camcorder for less than $50 on Amazon which is a very good deal.  After you have your camcorder your going to need a interview release form so that when you post the video you won’t be liable for any potential lawsuits.

These releases protect you and allow you to post your video interviews without the possibility of getting sued by the person being interviewed.  Basically the form states that the person being interviewed is agreeing to be interviewed and allowing the person giving the interview to post the videos online without any sort of legal or financial benefit to the person being interviewed.

After you shoot the interviews and get them to sign the release for your ready to post them to Youtube or Revver.  These sites than post advertisements on your videos and pay you for every viewer whom watched your video.

This can be a very nice passive income if you can manage to generate some interest in the videos.

Taking Photos For Passive Income

One of the little known ways to generate passive income is through taking digital camera photos and uploading them to stock photo websites.  These sites than review your photos and select the photos that meet their requirements.

If you really love taking pictures this may be a great way to generate some good passive income every month.  If you normally take a lot of pictures you may as well get paid to take them.

Some types of pictures sell better than others with outdoor nature and wild pictures generating a significant amount of the sales on these sites.  The way these sites work is that once your photos are approved by the photo site they are offered for sale  to use on a one time basis or multiple times based on what you allow.

The photo buyer than selects the photo and pays the website and you get paid at the end of the month for the number of photos used.  It is a pretty simple process but essential that you understand the photo sites requirement before submitting your pictures.

It’s not uncommon for some photographers to have 100′s of pictures submitted and approved while making several $100/month in passive income.  Remember, once your photos are accepted they can be sold over and over again.


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